Ah, Yes, the Sobelman Burger.
The Sobelman Burger, by far our most popular sandwich, had its humble beginning as a burger that Dave made to share with Melanie after the lunchtime crowd left. Eventually we offered it to customers, and the rest is Milwaukee burger history. In the early years, Sobelman’s Pub & Grill served mainly customers who worked at nearby factories, making about 10 burgers during the lunch hour on our open grill. Now we typically serve over 100 burgers at lunch time! But never fear…That’s why we decided to install a second grill dedicated to serving our growing take-out lunch requests.

Don’t forget – we also have some outdoor seating on those nice days! What’s new on the menu, you ask? Well, let us tell you…we’ve experimented enough to finally believe that we have created Milwaukee’s Best Burger. We’ve tried many other combinations of ingredients, but always come back to our current tried-and-true menu. It’s what our customers want, and we’re doing our best to give you Milwaukee’s Best Burger every time you visit. What more can we say? Whether you’re a first-time guest or one of our regulars, we along with our friendly staff welcome you to Sobelman’s! 

Dave & Melanie

Grill Open 11am-11pm| Pub Open 11am-12am
Open Sundays : 11am-9pm